What is a fair price to pay for painting?

It is hard to provide a general answer here, as obviously cost varies considerably between jobs, according to factors noted in other FAQs here. Broadly, painters will provide estimates based on the size of the job and the number of areas that need to be prepared and painted. The cost of paint and materials, plus any tight deadlines, will affect the overall quote. Scaffolding, if needed, is always costed separately.

You have probably found online painting cost calculators and are wondering whether they are reliable. We think these are rather a blunt instrument for calculating cost and recommend obtaining quotes with an on-site consultation. However, when comparing estimates, remember to check you are comparing like for like. The lowest price doesn't necessarily mean you're getting the best deal.

This quote comparison checklist might be helpful:

  1. Is the scope is the same – Is there any difference in the prep work described, are the type and/or brands of paint the same, how many coats of primer and paint will be used, and is clean-up included?
  2. Prep work – No shortcuts should be taken here as surface preparation is one of the most important steps in a quality painting job. Look for details in the estimates.
  3. Timeframe – Have start and finish dates been given? Are they realistic?
  4. Price and payment terms – [insert something here that relates to how you charge... and deposits, etc]
  5. Warranty – Companies should stand by their quality workmanship by offering a guarantee separate to the paint manufacturer's warranty.
  6. Insurance – Only consider employing a company that has liability insurance.

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