How do I make my paint work last?

Even the best prepped and executed painting will deteriorate over time. Here are some tips to make your painting investment last as long as possible:

  1. Clean your exterior paint work annually to remove airborne contaminants. This is particularly important in coastal parts of Auckland where salt deposits can attack the surface. Moss and lichen are also a problem in our climate. NB: Do not clean your freshly painted surfaces for at least four weeks from completion of the job – the paint needs time to cure. Contact us if you would like us to arrange an appropriate washing service for your property to protect your paint work.
  2. For internal paintwork, avoid excess moisture. This is particularly important during the drying period. Open windows for airflow and use heaters/dehumidifiers as needed. Your painter can advise the best approach to avoid blistering and longer-term mould problems.
  3. In New Zealand fading from UV light is a constant challenge. Using top-quality paints developed for local conditions is essential to minimise sun damage and fading.

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